Wednesday, August 08, 2007

School, aargghh!

These are the pics I was supposed to include last week. Sorry, I've been negligent. I just get used to being a bum, uh, I mean mom and have to go back to this blasted job.
Aahhh, I'm back at work. I have one more day to get my classroom ready and only need another week. House closing is the day after tomorrow and HOPEFULLY painting party is at my house on Saturday. They tell us that we have to have laser timing to get our keys on Friday, otherwise, it's Monday. Nooooooooooo, so far our timing has not been the greatest. (Read, house closing the first week of school) We are working on making sure that all of the paperwork gets to the title company on time so that it can all get to the recorder's office in time to get finished on friday. Otherwise, we have to wait until the recorder opens again on Mon.

I am too stressed to write about the district ridiculousness, but maybe later.

Meg, congrats on the passing grade in the most insane class ever and graduating college for real!