Friday, August 03, 2007

Crazy idiot trucker

Oh My Gosh! Some crazy idiot trucker ran me off the road today. Nobody is hurt and my car is not damaged, but that was pure luck. I was driving down the 17 west-bound where it joins back up with the 10 by the airport. I was in the far left lane and all of the sudden this semi starts moving over into my lane. I was not behind him, I was right beside him. I even think I could see him in his mirror. When he was about a foot over in my lane, I honked. No response. I honked again as he got further into my lane. I had to swerve over into the inside shoulder. On my third honk, as I'm driving on the shoulder, the jerk has the nerve to honk back at me. Did he think I was just in a hurry, trying to pass him? Did I mention that this was rush hour and traffic was insane. I passed him and got back into an actual lane and shook my fist at him. He honked at me again. I was furious. If there hadn't been a shoulder there we would have been smashed between the truck and the wall. Lauren would have been crushed. I was so angry. I called the cops and gave them his liscence plate number. The freeway, again, was packed and I never got to see the company he was with or I would have called them to complain too. He was behind me until I lost sight of him. I think he was avoiding me for some reason. It was terrible.

Btw, Emma took my camera out of my purse in the car, and so again, I am not posting the pictures of my house yet.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I am going to post pictures of my house here, but I'm too lazy tonight. It seems that getting ready for our house and getting the kids ready for school is my life right now. We are 9 days and counting from our close. Friday, August 10th is our close date, as well as the open house at Sunset school. Who ever heard of having a school open house at 8:00 in the morning? Our appliances were delivered today. I feel so spoiled; side by side fridge with filtered water and ice in the door, flat top stove with additional warming burner (my gas stove would just get hot enough to pretend the back middle section was a warming burner), microwave that I don't even understand yet, because it has 2 metal racks in it (I thought that microwaves couldn't have metal), front loading washer and dryer. 9 days to heaven! of course then we got the doctor's bill, $15,000 and all they wanted to do was dip us in plaster. Everything is done except the little touch ups. And the one huge touch up, I think I already mentioned that the landscapers planted my trees smack in the middle of the yard. This is a huge yard and a ridiculous way to plant the trees. I wanted to cry, but I just sent them a little note to let them know that was not what we asked for. Hopefully they will fix it. I am so excited!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I'm working on trying to adjust my layout. I found a site that looks like it should help, but I'm not sure if it wors with this site. I really want to change this and make it cute, but now I am tired and going to bed.