Sunday, August 10, 2008


It's my Grandma's birthday today and I just thought I should mention it. She was a rockin' grandma. Mom and I were talking the other day about how she loved to read romance novels. When I was in high school and a young adult, she would pass the ones on to me that she thought were tame enough. Mom was a little shocked because she said her mom wouldn't even let her read East of Eden in high school, but I said, "Hey, that's what grandmas are for. It might be weird if you gave your daughter romance novels."

Grandma was great. She took us places, like out to the AF base to see a movie or shopping. Grandma was Oklahoma through and through. She married Grandpa at 15 and never looked back. She raised her 2 sons and 10 years later, her little daughter. (World War II happened in the middle there) By the end of her life, she had trouble remembering who was on her side or not. She was always fiesty and full of life and I miss her. Edith was "Jack" to her family and Grandma to us and will never be forgotten.