Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Koooosharem, UT

This seemed like a good time to write about how much fun David has in UT. This first picture is his nightcrawler digging uniform. He didn't want to ruin his jeans. I'm not sure why he didn't just wear his holey jeans. He did find 16 dozen worms though, in about 20 minutes, enough to last the rest of the week fishing.
And speaking of fishing, here's David restringing his hook after one of the, I think it was 11, fish that got away. You would think he would change poles, but he's a man of habit. One of those fish was reeled all the way into the boat, but grandpa's hook was still caught in the net with his fish and he broke loose.
This must be after losing another one. This day, Emma caught my limit, 4, I caught her limit, 2, and David would have had a lot more than he did. Technically, that's not true, it just means that we would have been done fishing a lot sooner.
After a long day of fishing, a little sunburn, and dinner at the Cafe, there is nothing like a good game of cards to finish off the day.