Sunday, March 01, 2009

Too much or too little

I hate it when it's been a month since I blogged and I really don't have anything to say but feel like such a slacker because I really want you all to blog and am sad when you don't.

Ok, a few things...
Megan brought down my vase from Chris and it is gorgeous! I will post a pic when I bring it home. It is still at Mom's house because I was feeling sick when I left yesterday and didn't grab everything. I'm also a little scared to move it. It is green and blue swirled and absolutely beautiful. Thanks Chris!

I went to the doctor on friday for the tiny little rash below my lip and just as I lknew would happen, now they want me to make up for the years I haven't gone. The lip thing is not contagioous, but may be worse for me. The dermo said rosacea or psoriasis or something, so does that mean I'm doomed to having a bumpy red face for life and still have to go have all the tests done that the doctor ordered? LAME

I am laughing my head off watching my High School reunion on TVLand. Yes, MY high school reunion. It's like eavesdropping on the stupidest conversations that you ever heard and realising that this is television, so the entire world can hear how dumb some people were 20 years ago and how dumb some people still are. Chandler High Class of 88 rocks!

I am addicted to Lush bath and body stuff.