Sunday, February 24, 2008

Home Evening

We had Fullmer family Home Evening tonight at Karen's house. It was soup night and I was lame and took pillsbury fake croissants. However, here are some of the soups that were there. In the back left corner, is Rose's Pasta Fagioli which was absolutely fabulous. Rose also brought the potato soup in the back right corner that she adds crumbled bacon to for added flavor and hip girth. The brocolli potato on the front left is Karen's and although I didn't eat any tonight, it is wonderful and I am eagerly awaiting the recipe. The front right is Chicken enchilada soup that Rose also made (Rose was busy), I just had a little taste of that, but it was super yummy. Because I had to save room for this...Lindy made fried ice cream cake. Oh, my, gosh... it was to die for
Just to give credit where credit is due, Karen also made homemade bread that was so yummy and warm. Thad and Lily made their famous much requested chili. Dave and Phyllis brought a tasty green salad with Milae's homemade ranch dressing that is literally the best ranch dressing ever. There was more to the evening than eating, but I'm not sure I remember what. J/K. It is lovely though to have a fun evening filled with family and loud children and good conversation.
So, I decided to stock up on my posts since I rarely get to them during the week. Just read one every other day and they will last all week.
ps. David laid down about 450 square feet of sod in our backyard yesterday. It looks like such a tiny patch in our backyard, but it will continue to grow as we can afford it. We can't play on it yet, and the girls are anxious. Sonny has not given up his plant eating habit. David put up a fence around the grass, but unfortunately it is not Sonny proof- dang it.

Childhood has its moments of pure joy!

Is there anything better than learning how to do a cartwheel? Straight legs will come eventually, I think.
She got up after one series of cartwheels and said, "I love cartwheels, they're so fun!"

Ah, change...

Last weekend, I put a new faucet on my sink. It was actually kind of fun. When we bought our house, the design center showed us several lovely new faucets for around $500. I thought this was a little high, so we decided that we would take the plain one that came with the house and change it later. Well, faucets,that I wanted anyway, are still about $250 at Lowe's and such. However, a few weeks ago, Tuesday Morning had some faucets on sale for $99. I found this one and David thought that this was a project that could wait, but he's not the one using the sink with water splashing all over the place from that low faucet. So, I decided to undertake this project. Once I was down on the floor under the cabinet, Lauren wanted to come help, which was fine of course. We only needed David's help for one little pin that we couldn't quite push in to lock the sprayer into place. I love it. It was easy and we donated the old faucet to a friend who was in need of one.