Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Halloween

I wonder, do bad memories of Halloween make it through the filter of childhood? I don't think I ever remember not having fun on Halloween.

Lauren's actual costume is "Alice Cullen, dressed as a wood nymph for Halloween", hence the black hair. Thanks to Aunt Megan, the wild bandido for coming over to do Lauren's hair and makeup for our ward halloween party and Aunt Elise for loaning the costume. One reason Halloween was more stressful for me, ward halloween party on halloween night and knowing my kids still wanted to trick or treat.I just loved this pic of Bad Guy Megan!

Emma dressed as Sally, from the Nightmare before Christmas. She actually won "Best Costume" at the ward party, which I think may have made up for missing out on trick or treating when Mom, Dad, and Lauren all got asked to help with game booths at the party.
However, she did inform us that no Halloween is complete without the annual dumping out of the candy and swapping with your cousins tradition. So, we made the trek out to Chandler, because for some reason, I'm all about making memories. Of course, this way we get to see Nana B. and Grampy when we're all dressed up for halloween too. Now, one holiday down....