Thursday, October 22, 2009

An open letter to President Obama

October 22, 2009
Dear Mr. President,
I feel compelled to write to you concerning the statements made by you as well as some members of your staff regarding FOX News. It offends me that my fellow Americans would insult my intelligence, as well as many others, by insinuating that we cannot tell the difference between straight news and commentary. In fact, we are quite experienced in this matter as we have had to look past the liberal bias of several other cable news networks for many years. I am shocked that you would allow and participate in this scurrilous attack on free speech. It seems to me that when you spoke of hope and change during the election, the emphasis was on transparency in government, disentangling the government from big business, and promoting equality.
Since you have taken office, legislation has become more confusing, more divisive, and less accessible to the public. The voice of the people is ridiculed when they disagree and make their concerns public. What happened to the promise of public access to bills before they are signed?
Additionally, you discussed the dangers of big business being involved in government. Does the reverse not apply? I thought that the founders of this nation laid out the structure of our government to limit their own power and keep the power in the hands of the people.
Finally, and perhaps my most heartfelt point, I am beginning to believe that we have very different ideas on the concept of equality. You see, I thought that you were referring to something like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of being judged by the content of one’s character. Instead, you seem to follow the more Orwellian principle of some being more equal than others. This brings me back to my original point. Simply because you disagree with the reporting or commentary of a group does not authorize you to attempt to relegate it to a nonentity. You are certainly not the first president to feel pressure from the press and you won’t be the last, I’m sure.
Please don’t be the man who allows shallow, insecure compatriots to influence you in a manner that would restrict the god-given rights of the people to free speech. Please believe in the intelligence of the American people to discern for ourselves whether we watch commentators who toe the liberal or conservative line, or both for that matter. When one champions hope and
change, one must make sure they do not lead down dangerous paths. Thank you for your time.


Monique Fullmer

Also being sent to President Obama, directly.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Kids n Dads

Just a quick Emma story since I REALLY should be in bed. This afternoon Emma was a little peeved at David for something. He was getting ready to go to the store because he didn't buy the salmon that he told Karen he would bring for dinner today so he knew she was going to get mad again. He said to her, "Emma, come snuggle me since you probably won't later when you're mad at me for going to the store on Sunday." Emma replies, "Daddy, don't you know? I always snuggle you when I'm mad at you."

She is the strangest kid. Cool, but strange.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Emma's blog

I could have sworn I blogged since this post. Then I remembered, that was Emma. Check out her zoo photos.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A couple photos

This is the picture of the vase that Chris sent down for our family for Christmas. We all love it. Emma had me bring it to school so that she could show her class for show and tell. Lauren was there that day to help with our field day so she took it around to show the art teacher and a whole bunch of other teachers who all greatly admired it and were amazed that her uncle (my brother) had made this beautiful work of art. Of course, it is less fuzzy in real life, I have a problem taking pictures with my phone. Thanks again Chris, we love it. That's Chris Bogle for anyone who might be looking for a gorgeous piece of glass.
This is a project that I stole (borrowed, because there is no class, it is just an example) from my favorite, Melrose Vintage. The base is a sheet of metal and everything on it is a magnet. I've already made one and I will post a picture as soon as I have a family pic to put on it. Ooo, that may take a while.Yay, it is Spring Break, so we are going to go play now. Weeeeee!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Too much or too little

I hate it when it's been a month since I blogged and I really don't have anything to say but feel like such a slacker because I really want you all to blog and am sad when you don't.

Ok, a few things...
Megan brought down my vase from Chris and it is gorgeous! I will post a pic when I bring it home. It is still at Mom's house because I was feeling sick when I left yesterday and didn't grab everything. I'm also a little scared to move it. It is green and blue swirled and absolutely beautiful. Thanks Chris!

I went to the doctor on friday for the tiny little rash below my lip and just as I lknew would happen, now they want me to make up for the years I haven't gone. The lip thing is not contagioous, but may be worse for me. The dermo said rosacea or psoriasis or something, so does that mean I'm doomed to having a bumpy red face for life and still have to go have all the tests done that the doctor ordered? LAME

I am laughing my head off watching my High School reunion on TVLand. Yes, MY high school reunion. It's like eavesdropping on the stupidest conversations that you ever heard and realising that this is television, so the entire world can hear how dumb some people were 20 years ago and how dumb some people still are. Chandler High Class of 88 rocks!

I am addicted to Lush bath and body stuff.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy late birthday Emma

Oh yeah, I'm totally stealing Darilyn's kid interview. Not only that, it's practically with the same kid, my own 10 year old Emma had a birthday New Year's Eve. So, here goes...
What is your favorite TV show? Can we skip this one?
What is your favorite movie? I'm not sure
What is your favorite color? Blue
What is your favorite food? How many can I list? Teriyaki wings, crab legs
What is your favorite thing to do with mom? Hang out
What is your favorite thing to do with dad? Play on the trampoline or go for a bike ride
What is your favorite thing to do with your sister? Play games
What do you want to be when you grow up? Either a sculptor or a dog shelter owner
Do you have a favorite friend? Maddy, Shyla, and Katie
What is your favorite thing to do when you are not at home? Play with my cousins
What is your favorite toy or thing? I danna know
What is your favorite book? You know, Warriors
What is your favorite animal? a dog (especially Sonny)
Do you want to go on a mission? Yes
Do you want kids? Yes
What's hard to do? Write a story in 2 days, with a dedication page and cover
What's have you learned from your primary teacher this year? Joseph Smith
What do you love to do? Hang out with my cousins, friends and family
What would you want to add? What kind of dog would you have if you got to choose? Some sort of golden retriever mix, golden retrievers rock (This was a great choice, seeing as how we have a golden doodle.)

For some reason, I can't load a pic right now, so...

make-up time

Okay, this has to buy me some time before I have to change my background. This is a quick replay of the holidays. I actually thought that we might take a Christmas picture and send out cards. It went something like this.
"Lauren, I want to take pictures of you guys decorating the tree. Would you please put on a shirt with sleeves."

"No, Lauren, those are not sleeves. And Emma, eewww."
"It still doesn't work, even with a hat."

"Could we stop dancing with the dog long enough to take a picture?"

This might have worked, but by then I was too wiped out to even think about having the pictures printed.

Yup, those are my girls!