Friday, January 30, 2009

make-up time

Okay, this has to buy me some time before I have to change my background. This is a quick replay of the holidays. I actually thought that we might take a Christmas picture and send out cards. It went something like this.
"Lauren, I want to take pictures of you guys decorating the tree. Would you please put on a shirt with sleeves."

"No, Lauren, those are not sleeves. And Emma, eewww."
"It still doesn't work, even with a hat."

"Could we stop dancing with the dog long enough to take a picture?"

This might have worked, but by then I was too wiped out to even think about having the pictures printed.

Yup, those are my girls!


Darilyn said...

This post is better than any Christmas card. It made me laugh. I have a question though. Is that a dog or a bear? That dog is huge!

Ashlee said...

Very funny!!! I agree, it is better than a card.

Merilee said...

um, is Emma gonna kill you for posting the crack shot? Your girls are awesome!

Teresa said...

Those would have made great unconventional Christmas cards. Sometimes unposed is best. (That's all I can hope for with 2 teenagers and 1 toddler.)

ducklips said...

I've got a couple belts Emma can borrow if she needs one. See, my girls won't wear them.

Cute fake card though.