Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mixed up

Just to clarify, we're getting back to the story and things that happened over 20 years ago. 

Now of course would be the perfect time for David to meet a new girl. He called one night and told me that he hoped that I wouldn’t be too upset, but he really thought that we were getting too serious and that we should see other people. Of course, I was not going to act upset in front of him, but I’m pretty sure I cried myself to sleep again that night. I was well aware that “see other people” was code for “I met a girl.” Sure enough, it wasn’t long before David told me that he had a date with a girl named Aisha. Who names their kid Aisha, anyway? What kind of stupid name is Aisha? (Sorry if your name is Aisha. Unless you happen to be about 37 and from Gilbert, AZ. Then, I’m not sorry! Your name is stupid, and so are you.) David then informed me that he didn’t want to hide anything from me and he would be telling me about any other girl he went out with. Was this some bizarre form of torture, or just a way of eliminating future baby girl names?
David and I still went out. Kissing was off again. I was very annoyed.
About 2 weeks later, I got a call from a friend of mine from BYU. His name was Matt. Matt was currently serving a mission in Arkansas. Missionaries aren’t really supposed to call people other than their families on Mother’s Day and Christmas. Matt and I had been very good friends during the short semester that I had stayed at Brigham Young University before I got chased away by the cold. We never dated, but I can’t say it hadn’t crossed my mind. Shockingly, he had shown some interest in dating Mary, but she didn’t return the sentiment. Since I’d left, we had exchanged several letters. He even sent me a very sweet valentine. We had also made “the bet”. You know, the one where if you’re not married by the time I get home from my mission I owe you dinner, if you are married, you owe me and a girl of my choice dinner. I never did buy him dinner. Anyway, Matt must have been feeling lonely, because he called me and we were having a great time, chatting away, breaking mission rules. He told me about tracting and ticks and chiggers, and I laughed and missed him a lot. About 9pm, David called. I answered the other line and told him I was on the phone, but I would call him back when I got off. Ten o’clock, David called back. I asked if he would still be up in an hour and he asked who I was on the phone with. I told him about Matt and that he was on a mission so he was calling long distance and I would call him back if he wanted me to. He said, “Don’t worry about it.” And I went back to my conversation with Matt. About 11, David called to say that he was still up if I was off the phone. I wasn’t. I told him I would call him in the morning. Matt and I hung up about 12 and I went to bed in high spirits after a fun conversation with a good friend.