Saturday, July 28, 2007

Under construction

I've been looking around at other blogs and I've been inspired by what I've seen. I've just followed links of people that I'm connected to and saw such fun things on some Lambson and Ray blogs. So, I'm experimenting with my blog to try and figure out how to frou-frou mine up. If any of you experts out there have any suggestions for me I am so open.

Also, I've kind of had this mental block that I need to have about a hundred pictures on my camera before I load them onto my computer. Merilee inspired me with her "new pop" pictures that I could just photograph what I've been up to this summer and post it. So, here goes...
Ok, so the pictures went in on top. Whatever. This is part of my summer scrapbook, which is literally, a scrap book. I got an old book and tore out pages, glued pages together, and covered them with whatever I wanted to. Way cheaper than buying an album and funner too.
Lauren and Emma both had fun with their cousins in Utah. Lauren is being goofy with Grayson and Emma and Riley hung out all the time. This is them at the cafe where they have good ice and vanilla to put in my diet coke, oh yeah, and food too.
Yeah, I'm still working on how to change the heading of my blog. I experimented with the front of this scrapbook, but that's not exactly what I meant to do. I'll have to change it later, though because we're off to see what's new at the house.

ooh, she got me

1. 4 jobs I've had

token girl at Radio Shack
non-drinking bartender
counting cars on a street corner
cookie factory worker (it was total I Love Lucy, with my best friend Mary. We moved cookies from the conveyor belt into the packages-hilarious)

2. 4 movies I can watch any time

Pride & Prejudice(6 hour)-ditto Merilee
Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Babe( Christmas means Carnage!!!!) Who could not love that?

3. 4 places I have lived

Chandler, AZ
Provo, UT
Phoenix, AZ - 40th St.
Phoenix, AZ - 16th St (about to move to 23rd Lane)

4. 4 TV shows I love

Law & Order
anything on HGTV
I still miss "Ed" possibly my favorite show ever

5. 4 foods I love

crap in a bag, I mean Crab in a bag
homegrown tomatoes - I'm stealing another one from Merilee. I at three from Mom's garden for lunch one day
Elmer's tostadas, burritos, tacos, enchiladas, tamales
Dinner at my mom's chicken noodles, beef stroganoff, curried meatballs, this list could go on and on

6. 4 websites I visit daily
family blogs
'k not daily, but often, msn games - bejewelled
I'm just not that consistent - it depends, probably my bank next most often.

7. 4 places I'd rather be

visiting Washington D.C. with my kids
anywhere cool (although it's been a pretty good monsoon)
Koosharem, UT
Chandler, AZ - I know I can go anytime, but I'd rather live there

8. 4 people to tag

Emma - we'll see?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm back

Ok, I actually finished Harry on Sunday, but I have been crazy this week. I'm not sure if I was so busy, or I just couldn't get my computer away from Lauren. She is watching The Prince of Tennis on youtube, another lame anime cartoon. At least this one inspires her to want to do something active - tennis.

Just a little Harry talk, I enjoyed the ending. I'm not saying much, but I guess I'm assuming if you were really into not knowing what happens at the end, you would have read the book by now. I thought that the book was full of surprises and that J.K. Rowling did a pretty good job keeping up with the hype. I actually didn't really like the afterward, but she had to let the public know what happened with everyone. Does Harry really just fade into oblivion? No ministry post or Hogwarts headmaster? David took a little foray into Harry on wikipedia and WOW! some people are really dedicated. It was interesting to see the family trees and realize how closely some of the families are related, but I could never spend the time researching a fictional family the way those posters did.

Alright, since Harry, I've been trying to make sure my kids are registered for school, avoiding setting up my classroom (school starts in 18 days), and trying to finalize the info for my mortgage and house closing. How Scary! They want to see the money in my account for my down payment "plus reserves". I'm like "reserves, what reserves? They have to wait until I get paid again." Megan says to tell them not to worry about it. I'm sure they'll be ok with that.

I went out to the house yesterday. The carpet was in, the electricity, air conditioning, and water was on, and the shutters were installed. It was so exciting. It is hard to imagine how something can be so exciting and so incredibly scary at the same time. Oh, kind of like starting a family. When I look around, there is some touch up painting outside (the railing) and the kitchen appliances need to be installed and that is pretty much it. We're almost done! What a mess of emotions. It's a good thing that I went to Costco and got the GIANT bottle of Tums, because talk about heartburn!

Now, I get to go read other people's blogs. See ya.