Friday, March 14, 2008

Lame, lame again

Ok, I have to beg for a little break. I know that I haven't been on in a while and I miss it so much, but life is crazy right now. I'm afraid that I have a bit more than just jury duty. I've been spending most weekends trying to work on water tower stuff and feeling like its not really going anywhere. There are now official people involved, but they don't seem to be looking for random helpers right now, mostly money, which I cant help with much.

On top of this, I got sick. At first I jusst thought that I had a scratchy throat from, um, raising my voice, at my students. Then my brains started leaking out my nose nonstop. I got called to jury duty on Tuesday. Jury selection continued the next day. Of course, I have to make the lesson plans any time I have a sub, so I was doing both jobs. The second day of jury selection, the judge had to call up a whole new group of people because he released so many the first day. So, being a half day at school, I taught in the morning, rushed to jury duty, got picked to sit on the jury, and got out of there by 6. So, the next day, I got to go to school to make my sub plans and my sub hadn't shown up so I taught for about an hour or so and then made copies for future subs. Then I went back to jury duty for the first day of a trial that the judge says should last about 2 weeks. Read into that whatever you want. Although, none of the jury pool raised their hands when asked if they had heard about this case on the news.

So, lucky me, hacking away, my nose stopped leaking and plugged up, we didn't have court on friday, so I got to go to field day and spend the day yelling to get kids attention with about 250 kids outside where I added a sunburn to my list. Oh yeah, and my team mate is getting married this weekend and so she had a sub all week who turned out to be crazy hat woman. Wait, we already called her that before this week. We just thought we were talking about the crazy HATS, now we know it was the crazy LADY. I swear, she showed up late every day and never stopped talking for one single moment and always ran out of things to say so kept repeating herself, over and over and over again.

Did I mention that this is the end of the quarter, grades are due and I get to spend my spring break next week on jury duty? Jury duty doesn't start till after lunch, but what can you do in the morning and still get back downtown, parked in a garage 4 blocks away and up to the 9th floor of superior court by 1pm.

At least court should make for a good post when it is over. Is it coincidental that there are 3 teachers on the jury? Well, that is my excuse.... I know, still lame