Sunday, August 10, 2008


It's my Grandma's birthday today and I just thought I should mention it. She was a rockin' grandma. Mom and I were talking the other day about how she loved to read romance novels. When I was in high school and a young adult, she would pass the ones on to me that she thought were tame enough. Mom was a little shocked because she said her mom wouldn't even let her read East of Eden in high school, but I said, "Hey, that's what grandmas are for. It might be weird if you gave your daughter romance novels."

Grandma was great. She took us places, like out to the AF base to see a movie or shopping. Grandma was Oklahoma through and through. She married Grandpa at 15 and never looked back. She raised her 2 sons and 10 years later, her little daughter. (World War II happened in the middle there) By the end of her life, she had trouble remembering who was on her side or not. She was always fiesty and full of life and I miss her. Edith was "Jack" to her family and Grandma to us and will never be forgotten.


Merilee said...

I miss Grandma too. So glad you posted about her. I miss playing aggravation, sleepovers, and bowling at the AF base. I miss seeing her jar of ice tea on the curb and stepping on needles in her sewing room(ok, I guess I don't really miss that). I miss Watching Hello Dolly while laying on Grandmas carpet and playing shuffle board. I miss the smell of her house and her making me color the entire page. I miss trips to Kearny and funny stories about her sisters.
I love Grandma P.

Sandi said...

What a kewl post. Lucky you.

ducklips said...

I love this post. I didn't even realize what day it was until I woke up this morning and thought,"Whoa, yesterday was Grandma's birthday." Actually I guess I said it outloud and Antoinette asked me who is Grandma Pickering. I wondered how my kids could grow up without having Grandma in their lives. She was always so full of life, even when hers was dwindling. I'll never forget when she accused us of stealing her panties and not to tell her stories because she already knew we did it. I loved taking walks with her around the horse pasture and I'm pretty sure that my love for old movies comes for her. I'll stop so some of our other sibs can say something, but I'm also pretty sure that you could never run out of things to say about Grandma.

Teresa said...

Hey Mo. Read your comment. I was debating back and forth about the reunion. I had decided to go, but do not have a sitter at this moment. What is the deadline to buy tickets?