Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hello again

Well, it has taken me 'til 11 o'clock just to read all the blogs I missed and update to Christmas music, so this won't be too long.
We had a wonderful thanksgiving. It's fun having Tom and Nat and the kids at Mom and Dad's and getting to see them more often.
We did our thankful list for home evening that week and it was so cute, the things the kids came up with and David feeding them his list. We put all of our things in a basket.
It's been so nice having rain and cool weather finally! I actually got to wear my ASU sweatshirt on the day that the Devils beat the wimpcats.
I think we just have the most awesome family in the world and my first song is for all of you spread out across the world. We miss you and wish you were here all of the time.
I will blog again soon.


megan said...

A new post! We do have the best family. I love that I never get sick of hanging out with our family. I would do it everyday, all day. Oh wait that is what I do.

Merilee said...

I wish I could too. Thanks for the song. I miss you guys.

ducklips said...


Finally a new post. That needed an extra long wow. I had been holding my breath and it took a while to let out.

Go Devils!