Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today is definitely one of those "real life" days that no one ever blogs about because no one really wants to read about someone else's crummy day. Woke up to Lauren telling me she just threw up so she can't go to school, again. (She's missed so much school this year because she's been sick, that it's really affected her grades.) This was after listening to David hack all night (coughing) and I'm sure I woke up every time he got up to go throw up. I know, how can I complain, when I wasn't even the sick one. Came out to get Emma up for school to find out that Mom's sick too! Made Emma scrambled eggs for breakfast, but Dad wanted french toast. Came home, called the school, called the chiro to cancel, called the dr. to take Lauren in and get her on antibiotic in case it's the strep that went around last week.
Took Lauren to the dr. He says it's not strep but puts her on meds anyway for a secondary infection. (Making over $450 spent on medical bills in the month of March. And yes, we have insurance!) Then, he says he wants to see her again tomorrow, so she can't go to school AGAIN! On the way to fill her prescription, she tells me that today was the day she was going to take her French make up test. AAaaghhh! Take her home, go get lunch for Dad, work on Mom's scrapbook. Ignore the piles of both dirty and clean laundry, rethink buying clothes so often. Then, go get Emma for school, more scrapbooking, eat dinner, get ready for mutual. Take Emma to 1st aid night. Be sad that Lauren had to miss it.
Upside, come home to watch idol. Vote online for Casey and Scotty. I like James too, but I had to narrow it down. Really need to go to bed now!


Darilyn said...

Bummer day for sure. The upside is that I'm really glad you like Scotty! Me Too!

Ashley said...

C'est la vie!