Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Should I start this by stating how much I LOVE having fresh salad every day or how much I HATE having dirt under my fingernails. Maybe the actual beginning is to discuss how motivated my mom is. Dang it! Back in January, we started talking about a garden. I probably would have bought a couple of tomato plants to watch die and been done with it, but not my mom. First she talked about how wonderful fresh vegetables are. Then, I'm pretty sure she arranged to have grocery prices go up so that they sounded even better. Next, she got a little frustrated that no one seemed as excited about a garden as her. Then the guilt kicked in and we all said we would help.
Mom and Tom did most of the preparing of the soil, since they know how to use the tiller. We had a big Family Home Evening to plant the seeds. We bought rubber boots to waddle through the mud.

We labeled everything so we wouldn't forget what was where.

We loved that little garden so much that we even put blankets on it when we had that freeze in February.
And now we get to eat salad with fresh red  and green lettuce, purple and orange carrots, green onions, peas, radishes, and spinach. Oh, so yummy! And I haven't bought a green vegetable for weeks.

I hope everyone else isn't tired of salad.

btw, next week for dinner co-op I'm doing fish tacos one day and something chicken and rice the other. And salad.


ducklips said...

That sounds so wonderful! BTW, what days are your dinner days, so I can plan on being there for the chicken and rice and skipping the fish tacos. Hee hee!

Darilyn said...

oh my gosh, Monique, sounds like a piece of heaven right now. It still amazes me that you can be getting that kind of stuff from a garden right now. I know the season is different there but it still is weird to me. I love this post. said...

Monday and Tuesday are my dinner days. We can figger out which day you'll be here.

Thanks Darilyn, it is wonderful. Is it still freezing cold up there?