Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remember that game...Telephone? mmm, not really the same, I guess.

Okay, this is gonna get embarrassing, for me, and most definitely for my husband. I need feedback on what you think of the story and just how personal is too personal. No, I don't mean like that. I just mean, well, just tell me what you think.

David called again the next day. Apparently he thought we were the type of friends now that could discuss dates with other people. I did not have the same opinion. He told me about his plans to go out this weekend with this other girl. I tried to get off the phone as quickly as possible. About a week later, I bumped into David at a dance. We danced, he flirted, I was nervous and confused, again. He asked what I was doing the next night, and luckily I already had plans. He pressed on and asked me out for the following Saturday. I was still smitten, yet hurt. I agreed to go out with him. Later, on the phone, he told me that he’d gotten scared of how quickly our relationship had been progressing and thought that going out with someone else would slow us down. While going on several dates with this other girl, he realized how much he would rather be with me. I was skeptical, but flattered.
Saturday night arrived and so did David. He looked wonderful, acted sweet, and took me to a resort that offered gondola rides. What part of snuggling together in a boat on a moonlit night was slowing down? After a lovely, romantic evening, he took me home. At the door, he went in for the goodnight kiss. Oh boy, was this going to be awkward! I gave him a small peck and dashed inside the house. I seemed to end up feeling sick to my stomach more often than not since I met this boy. What was I going to do?
The next day, I got the standard phone call. David was sweet and flirty and I was scared to death. I’d only had to have one conversation similar to this in my life. I finally gritted my teeth and told him that I needed to tell him that if we were not actually in a relationship, I was not comfortable with us making out. (There was a current trend called getting a ncmo, or non-committal make out.) I told him that I had tried that once and it was not for me. He responded that he really wanted us to be friends and that he didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship, but could we still go out together on the weekends?
This plan seemed better to me than the weekly upset stomach and broken heart that I had been experiencing. So I went along with it. We spent almost every weekend together, going to the movies, bowling, dancing, anything to spend time together. But, we were not dating. I did have to explain to my other friends that they still could not beat up David. They told me I was naïve.


Ashley said...

I like it, just like everything else. It isn't too personal and, why should either you or David be embarrassed? You were young once, too!...Erm, still!

reuben said...

I agree with Ashley. I think all of our stories would read pretty much the same. Different details, but same feelings.

reuben said...

oh dang, this is actually Megan, not Reuben

Shanda said...

i like to think that reuben comes to blogger to talk about his feelings...

i don't think this is too personal at all! plus, it is giving me a whole picture of who david was as a younger man- lady killahhhh! =) keep it up!