Monday, July 17, 2006

first time

Well, I'm not exactly sure why I wanted to create this area to run off at the fingers. It's probably because I like to talk and I'm concerned that people close to me may get tired of listening if I talk non-stop. There must be some sort of exhibitionist tendency that I'm trying to satisfy. It is a little intimidating to put my thoughts out there where anyone could see them if they so choose, but heck, I love myself right?
So, I realize that I am being typical "ugly american" but I absolutely love the open mike conversation between President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. What an insight into the relationship between these 2 guys. I just wish that Tony hadn't noticed and we could have heard more. I am far from believing that Bush is perfect or always makes the right decisions, but I am on his side.
I realize that I have gotten ahead of myself. If I'm doing this "dear diary" style, I need to tell the diary who I am.
I am a 36 year old woman, wife, and mother of 2. I recently started teaching school, 6th grade. My most important job is raising my 2 daughters, ages 7 and 11. I don't believe in spoiling them. I believe children need to know they are loved, they are valuable and they have a responsibility to be good citizens and good people. So far, I am very proud of them. They have huge hearts.
My husband is part of the driving force behind this page. I love him, he rocks. However, he has no interest in, shall we say, philosophical things. Rather, he has no interest in discussing them. He is a worrier and thinks things through, but does not care to discuss those types of issues. So, here I am having a conversation with myself. Oh, but don't feel sorry for me. I have plenty of people to talk to. I have so many people that I run out of time. I am the 3rd of 10 children, the oldest girl. Yes, that means I have 2 older brothers. One was killed about 6 years ago in a private plane crash. He was the only person on board. The other works in the pentagon and always has great stories to tell, like getting "knighted" by the French. After me came 3 more girls;(I'm a firm believer in semi-colons) the artist/photographer, the fun friendly one, then the crazy "I wish I was Native American"one with a heart so big that she will drive herself insane trying to solve other people's problems. Next, 2 more boys, the sk8ers, one has a marketing degree, a wife and 1 and 1/2 kids; the other is looking for himself in Oregon. Finally, the babies. My youngest sister is such a politician. This big sisters used to torment her by trying to get her to pick her favorite sister. She never would (or at least if she did, it wasn't me and I didn't know), she would always say that we were all her favorite. Sure enough, she did student government all through high school and she is a history major. Baby brother, what to say? What a kid, played football through high school, sweet, stubborn and very private. Well, those are the sibs, I love 'em all and definitely never lack for someone to talk to, but sort of look forward to the whole no-one answering back thing.
Okay, when the laptop starts burning my wrists, I think that's my signal to stop. See ya!


Merilee said...

That rant wasn't so bad. All I got was the fun, friendly one? I must be really dull. said...

I was afraid everyone else would be offended that I said you were the fun one.

Merilee said...

oh, OK then.