Sunday, September 30, 2007


Okay, I think that I need to talk about the things that I am thankful for in order to remember all of my blessings. I seem to have let the activity of the last couple of months bring me down, and I don't like that.

I am thankful for:
a husband who loves me and who is always working to improve himself
Lauren- my sweet 12-year old. She has the biggest heart I know
Emma- my sweet 8 year old. I have never met anyone so naturally "good" she sometimes scares me.
My home- it was a long wait, but I love it
My mom- beyond words, full of faith, open to the spirit, kind, giving, loving, she could be the whole list
My dad- taught me so much about life, from changing a tire to understanding the gospel, etc.
Bobby- my childhood protector
Jamie- living up to your potential
Elise- seeing beauty and showing it to the rest of us
Merilee- always able to sense the feelings of others and lift them if necessary
Emily- cares deeply about so much and drives herself crazy worrying about saving the world
Tom- a great combo of intelligence and charisma trying to find the outlet that will best support his family
Chris- artistic talent and creative insight that are sometimes surprising in someone so funny
Meg- My baby sister who has grown up into a beautiful woman. Carting that adorable little girl around with me and watching her grow up helped me understand somewhat the power of motherhood
Tyson chicken chunks- sweet, sweet boy who asked me when I was coming home. I love it when we all get to come home. Yay, breakfast burros!
a billion nieces and nephews that my kids get to have for best friends
awesome in-laws- you know who you are!
Grandma Pickering- Pie, noodles, confidence, sass, love, a great mom, awesome uncles, good stories to tell
Grandpa Pickering- smackers and certs and barbecues on the patio
Grandma Bogle- grace and poise
Grandpa Bogle- generosity and love for his wife
my health- I have the lucky habit of never getting the full sickness that everyone else gets
cars- the thought of having to travel without them is scary
airconditioning- although summer is almost over, I don't know how people lived in AZ without it
the internet- I love my blog, blog-stalking, and paying bills online
sunsets- proof that Heavenly Father knows what he's doing when it comes to color and design
sunrises- thankfully, I never see them, but without them there'd be no sunsets. Although, I did just remember that soon, I may see them as we move into winter and school start time, sadly, does not adjust
beaches- how does that combo of fish smell, wind, crashing noises, and sandy feet lead to such a wonderful feeling
music- can lift my spirits when I didn't even realize they needed lifted
singing with the piano
singing with the radio
old things that stay pretty
not having to choose a favorite color
Chandler, Arizona
piles of cotton
a childhood in the country
airplanes (even though they make me sick)
old buildings
Jane Austen
Colin Firth
trees that grow out over the road
crab legs
Cathy's rum cake
blue berries right off the bush
oranges, cold off the tree
my mom's cooking
swimming pools
Dance party USA
Of course, Heavenly Father, for providing it all
Jesus Christ, for making it worthwhile
the Spirit for little reminders
the scriptures, for direction and guidance
the prophets, for giving all they have to guide us
Young women leaders who taught me so much
Relief Society presidents who exemplify charity
people who demonstrate Christ-like lives
time with family
bedtime-okay, I really love sleep, but I don't love going to bed. I always feel like I'm going to miss something good. But it really is time for bed, or I will regret it tomorrow.


Darilyn said...

Very nice. Cold oranges off the tree. That sounds so incredibly wonderful. I've never done that. What time of year do I need to come to AZ to pick one? And do they grow everywhere there?

ducklips said...

I love, love, love your list. It made me so nastalgic. Breakfast burritos sunday and hayrides in a few weeks. Woohoo!

Merilee said...

we are listin' fools aren't we. Way to steal my thunder and make a better one than me.
Love your grateful fors! What's the story with Tyson breaded chicken asking about coming home?

Save the hay rides until we get there!!! said...

Darilyn, oranges are ready to pick off the tree just in time for them to appear in the toe of your stocking on Christmas.

Mer, When I came by the house to bring presents on my way home from my honeymoon, Ty and Meg came running up and Ty said "Yay, you're home!" It just about broke my heart because I knew that I would never really be home again, in that sense

megan said...

Darilyn- you should just come down with Merilee when she comes after I have Catcher, so sometime in December-January. That is when the oranges are perfect. In fact Reuben's mom sent oranges to him one year on his mission while he was in New York and so they made juice from fresh Arizona Oranges. The man they made it for (a total Manhattanite) told him they could sell it for $10 a glass on the street. He had never had orange juice that good before. He seriously wants Reuben to ship oranges to New York and start a business.

Thanks mo for the kind words

NanaB said...

Monique, you say the kindest things! How did you all get to be such creative writers? We could have contests among you kids as to who could bring tears the fastest. I loved raising my children. It was so rewarding. But watching you all blossom as adults may top even that!

Darilyn said...

Oh man, i so want to come and see that new baby of yours (and pick oranges too) and Merilee says you have grapefruit there too. That's crazy cool. I want to come really badly and I'm checking out tickets. Can we have breakfast burritos too even though it won't be conference? Can you tell I like food?