Friday, September 21, 2007

Stream of Conciousness

Ok, tonight I'm driving down the road to pick up my mail and "The wind beneath my wings" comes on the radio. Totally cheesy, right? But the words are completely my mom. She has always put everyone else before herself. When we were reading Megan's post about Mom, Emma was reading over my shoulder and said "yep, Nana B. is the nicest person I know." Now she's trying to pinch me for typing about her. So, anyway, I'm driving down Camelback rd. with tears pouring down my face thinking about what I can do as a tribute for my mom who gives her whole soul to everyone around her. At least I have always known that when it comes to my mom, my dad knows he is the luckiest man in the world. Now more than ever. Well, I'm thinking about how Mom really internalizes all of our decisions and that what she would like the most is for me to do the best that I can with my life. I have a slight (wince) tendency to be lazy and I certainly did not get that from her. I am working on my motivation to do the most with my life that I can and to ignore that natural fear of failure that is inside me.

Okay, now Emma gives me a cheesy grin and says, "just post that and let's snuggle" Seeing as how I'm talking about mother/daughter relationships, I think I will pause and return to this later.


Merilee said...

I don't think mom could be any prouder of you. You have accomplished so much and are so stinking talented, it is sickening. Fear shmear, get out there and kick butt.(by kick butt I mean publish your book)

ducklips said...

I'm with Mer on this one. I second pretty much everything she said.

Like Meg said in her post, you are the ultimate big sister who knows how to do everything.

(Wow, look how much I said w/o using any of my own thoughts.)

megan said...

elise you thought stealer! maybe thats why you always knew just what to say. just kidding.

Monique I hear you kind of had a tough day this last week. that stinks. come hang out

Emily said...