Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hung Jury

Somehow it seems that my trial was only interesting when nobody was allowed to hear about it. Anyway, the poor kid who got killed last year by PIR got no justice this time around. Of course, he was the one who started waving a gun around. I'll give him credit. He was going to put it down and fight with his fists before his girlfriend grabbed the gun, but I'm just guessing that the other gun probably wouldn't have come out if his hadn't first. Also, poor guy had weak taste in girls. The problem was his girlfriend blamed the same guy for grabbing her gun and shooting her boyfriend. Sadly, that was not the gun that killed him so it kinda damaged her credibility. Wait, credibility? Of the NINE witnesses, not one was believable. So, seven guilty, five not, but this guy went home free.

ps. don't let your kids party in the desert.

also, I didn't think you could get the same cold twice in a row! Blast!


ducklips said...

Sorry you got sick.
At least the trial's over and you can go back to teaching? Oh well, summer is coming up.

megan said...

Hey I have partied in the desert and never shot anyone or been shot. The real lesson is don't have dumb friends or talk to dumb people

Amberly said...

it was so fun to come across your blog! sorry about the cold, we've had that going around too and it's miserable! and... I LOVE the new faucet! said...

Thanks Amberly!

megan said...

Happy Birthday!