Thursday, May 01, 2008

Life is just so daily

I'm borrowing a little quote there from Mary Engelbreit that just so aptly describes my life lately. (Many other peoples' as well)

Last week on wednesday, my dad had a major stroke. I found as I read Megan and Tom's posts that I don't think I'll be able to write about it. Megan was pretty thorough if you want to read her blog. The first day I was at school while Megan was texting me all that was happening. Luckily, my students had just left when I got the text that said the doctors thought that my dad wouldn't ever talk or walk again. I absolutely broke down. My poor mom has been at the hospital non-stop. My dad gets very anxious when she's not there and she hates to leave him because they usually end up strapping him down. Unfortunately, yesterday she got that stomach flu that's been going around and has had to stay home in bed.

On a good note, my dad seems to be doing hugely better than they expected. We went to see him for home evening on Monday since he got moved out of ICU. The girls had made him get well cards and Lauren read them to him. Both girls said that they needed their tickle monster to get better quickly. Dad reached over (with his left hand) and started tickling Emma's side and smiled. They told him funny little stories and he smiled and nodded. Earlier that day, he said his name and sorta counted to 10. I don't know much since then but I think that his therapy has been rather hard on him. They also have had a really difficult time with his feeding tube. The first 2 times at least that they tried to place it, it didn't go all the way down past his stomach the way it is supposed to. The next time, I think it was making him uncomfortable and he pulled it out. Yesterday, when he coughed it dislodged it and they had to take it out. I don't really know much about it, but I think that my mom is getting worried about him getting the proper nutrition. Anyway, I wish I knew more right now and I'll have to get over there tomorrow and check on him. This week was also progress reports, so it was a little crazy.

On a much lighter note, thanks to Megan, Rueben, and Catcher for coming to visit me at school today! It was so much fun for me, the girls, my students, the other teachers. You can't imagine how much joy a little 4 month old brings to the dreary walls of a school. Thanks also to all who called, texted and came by to brighten my day as I begin my 38th year.

Well, it is late and I am going to go find something else to distract me from going to bed on time.


Merilee said...

Happy birthday!! I'm such a loser. Sorry I didn't call yesterday. I seriously was thinking about you all day and just waiting for you to be done with school so I could call you. Then we had a bunch of crazy going on and I didn't remember the phone call until almost 10 pm. Looks like you were still up though. I shoulda called. Hope you had a good one.

ducklips said...

Hope Lost was a good one for your birthday.
I'll have you know you almost didn't get that rum cake. It was sitting in my fridge for about 5 hours and David was about to lose it. J/K!!!!

Teresa said...

I'm so sorry about your dad. How are you doing?

Merilee said...

You should add blogging to your DAILY list of chores.

Merilee said...

I'm about ready to show you DAILY!!!!

I'm not really sure what that means.