Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy 20th Anniversary!

I looked at the next section of "the story" to see if I could post that today for our anniversary. I'm just gonna go with, no. So, we'll stick with this adorable picture of the super-hot guy that I married 20 years ago today. It's been an adventurous 20 years. We have some beautiful kids and some crazy memories. I do wish you hadn't shaved your head though. Look how gorgeous that hair is! 

Just a few things I love about you:

1. I love your blue/green eyes.
2. I love how much you love your daughters.
3. I love how much they love you.
4. I love unannounced back rubs.
5. I love that you are dedicated to your job.
6. I love that you will spontaneously break out into dance.
7. I love when you hold my hand.
8. I love your voice.
9. I love that you do the dishes when I make dinner.
10. I love that you like to surprise me.
11. I love that you like to watch sytycd.
12. I love when you flare your nostrils.
13. I love that you love your parents.
14. I love that you wear the blue, flowered tie I bought you.
15. I love that you read my books.
16. I love that you look really good in blue, and red, and green, and gray, and brown and salmon.
17. I love when you get silly.
18. I love that you clean when you are mad.
19. I love that you like my cooking.
20. I love that you love me!


megan said...

so cute. Happy Anniversary!

Ashley said...

I like it! You're right, don't ruin it with those 80s sob stories. :)

PS. Send David to my house when he's mad. said...

Meg, Thanks.

Ash, I keep trying to tell you, it's 1990. But you did read the day before, right?

ducklips said...

You guys are so cute! I love that you love each other.

Ashley said...

Oh, THAT'S what you were saying?? Oops. At one point it was the 80s, okay! :)

Teresa said...

Happy Anniversary! said...

Thanks for the anniversary wishes. We had a wonderful trip by ourselves for the first time since Lauren was born!

Ash, we did meet in October of 1989, so it was the 80's for a little while.