Tuesday, May 24, 2011


In July, my parents wanted me to drive up to our cabin in Pinetop and bring some things home for them. I asked if some friends could come along. They were probably a little worried, but by this time, I was 20 years old and so they agreed. Of course, I asked Mary, and I asked David if he wanted to come and bring a friend. His cousin agreed to come along and we all set off. I’m sure that this trip was a mistake from the get-go, although it was all rather innocent. I think I’ve blocked most of it from my memory. I remember playing checkers in the Arizona room (screen porch), and then I remember standing out at the wood pile, chucking wood as hard as I could into the shed (where it wouldn’t get wet in the winter time). I don’t really remember what made me so mad, but I’m pretty sure that David was not behaving how I expected him to. He did come out to the wood pile to see what was wrong, and apologized for whatever he might have done to upset me. The fact that he didn’t know made me even madder, and I just kept right on heaving that wood into the shed. He practically (but not actually) dragged me back inside and spent a while trying to cajole me out of my bad mood.
By the time we got home from that ill-fated trip, I was pretty sure it was time to break up again. This time, I was really angry and didn’t want an insensitive jerk for a boyfriend anyway! I told him so and he spent the next several weeks trying to prove me wrong. He would drive down to visit me at my big Radio Shack job and drive several miles out of his way to get the good mint hot chocolate at AM/PM. (This was pre- Starbucks.) We would hang out and talk. He would offer me back rubs, which who can turn down? He was attentive, sweet, and still gorgeous and eventually we made up and were dating again. Oh yeah, and his eyes were blue when he was playful and green when he was passionate.

ps. The April 29 post photo has been updated to more accurately reflect the subject matter.

pps. Hopefully I'll get a good post on here tomorrow for our, wait for it... 20th anniversary!

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