Friday, July 13, 2007

These are a couple pics of Lauren in her exciting role in The Music Man this Spring. (I know you saw this Mer.) In the red dress, she is playing Zaneeta, the Mayor's daughter. She was adorable as the silly little flirt - scary. In the floral with gloves, she is a town's person. The teachers who do the play have 2 casts so that more kids get to participate. Even as a town's person, she had a solo part in the Wells Fargo Wagon song. It was so fun to see all the kids (since many of them are or were my students). However, I'm not sure that this topped Annie, where Lauren got to play Lily St. Regis. That was adorable. Btw, these are photos recovered from inside my hairspray melted camera. I was wondering where my camera was, until I cleaned out the back of the car and found it with the hairspray that had gotten pressed down. The chrome was totally melted off the front of the camera and all the buttons were stuck. So, we got to buy "another" new camera. Yay!


Merilee said...

Lauren, Loved the Play! Love You! So sad I had to Miss Annie.

Merilee said...

hey Spike, down in front!!