Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Things I'd like to do:
Inspired by Darilyn

Oh, so many things, where to start.
Some things I want to do again, too.

1. Go to New Orleans and Baton Rouge
2. Spend time in Jamaica
3. Parasail
4. write my great-grandmother's story
5. visit England, France, Italy, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, etc.
6. Throw tomatoes at that festival in Spain
7. climb the steps at Chichen Itza (sp?)
8. See the pageant at Palmyra
9. Go to all the historic sites in Boston and Philadelphia
10. Go back to New York and Washington and take my family
11. watch whales
12. visit some family history sites North and South Carolina, Virginia
13. Shop in antique stores in Europe, where things are actually OLD
14. watch my children have happy lives
15. learn to play the piano well
16. learn other languages
17. have oodles of ribbons
18. have a house by a lake or on a beach with a wide wrap around porch and a big room with bunk beds where anyone who wants to can just come and stay with us a while.
19. to have a garden of lovely flowers that someone else takes care of for me
20. have a pet lamb

Ok, this is the first 20, subject to be revised, reordered and amended I'm just too tired to continue.


Merilee said...

love your list, but I want to see more pictures!!! I also thought it was funny you and Darilyn have similar blog names.

Darilyn said...

The oodles of ribbons reminds me of Merilee. What is this festival in spain where you throw tomatos? Can I come? That sounds like a blast! I also love your house with the bunkbeds! Great job on your list. said...

Everybody's invited!
About the tomato fest:
The tomato fight in Bunol, some 25 miles north of Valencia on Spain's east coast, has become one of the country's most popular summer festivals, often drawing crowds from abroad.

Local lore says the fiesta, held the last Wednesday of every August, started in the 1940s when a group of kids threw their lunches at each other one day in a downtown square. They met again the following year, this time pelting passers-by as well and creating the tradition.

I'm dying to go