Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More zoo

This is right after the kids got to help feed the elephant carrots. They talked to them about how one of the elephants doesn't get along with the other two so they can't be out on display together. They told the kids that the elephant they tossed carrots to came from a circus. You sort of got the impression that she had been "rescued". They didn't ever mention that the reason she left the circus was because she killed someone. True story.

Here is Megan, probably holding more weight than she should be at this stage in her pregnancy.
The kids always love hanging out with Meg. Even 7 months pregnant, she more fun than their moms. J/k, Elise, I'm sure you're lots of fun, it's just me that got freaking old.

Fun Megan decides to test this jungle bamboo to see if it will hold. What is a visit to the rainforest, if you

don't get to climb it.

Deciding that it will hold just fine, she heads up.

Still waiting for Megan to figure out how to get down from the rainforest canopy. Why did we go to Colombia? Doesn't Megan know that she shouldn't do this sort of stuff when she's pregnant? Did I mention that we're in Colombia?


megan said...

ha ha ha those are some pretty goofy pictures of me. Thanks for posting them though.

Merilee said...

Zo looks like she is just flaoting there by Megan's side. Or is Meg just holding her out with one hand?

Merilee said...

Was Addy wearing her high heels or is she seriously as tall as Emma already? said...

Poor, short Emma!