Wednesday, October 17, 2007

zoo, zoo again

Emma calling to see if someone can get Megan out of the trees. Ok, I'll drop that now.

I love this picture of Emma who got caught just as she
popped a piece of Kettle corn into her mouth.

This is not actually the ostrich picture I meant to post. There was a funny one where the ostrich was trying to chase some longhorn cattle out of her spot. She managed to get him to walk in about a twenty foot circle that ended up about 5 feet from where he started.

Lauren had fun trying her hand at "professional" photography. Thanks Elise!

I really liked the other giraffe picture better, too, but Lauren liked this one. I may still post the other one later, but now, I have to go.


Merilee said...

Emma looks like she is trying to call someone to come save her from the rest of you crazies.

Merilee said...

Where are the domstic cattle on our savanna? Just curious. By the way, When was "National Hirds Cut Their Hair Day"anyway? said...

I will show you some of their "domestic" cattle, soon.